Bridges Organic Restaurant was opened in 2006 by a health enthusiast, whose family had suffered from diabetes for many generations. She knew she had to live healthy to avoid getting diabetes. However, finding healthy food for lunch while working in Nairobi city was a challenge. She decided to research and find out what it would take to create a healthy food restaurant. In her research, she found out organic food was the safest most nutritious food to eat for a long healthy life.

She then trained in organic farming at the Kenya Institute of Organic Farmers to better understand this farming method.

Fully equipped with the organic knowledge, she wanted to share the good news of safe food with others and support the small scale organic farmers. The concept of Bridges Organic Health Restaurant born in 2005 and the restaurant opened its doors in August, 2006. The restaurant is a member of the Kenya Organic Agricultural Network (KOAN). We have remained passionate about serving organic healthy food ever since.

Bridges Organics GM



Bridges Organics Restaurant opened its doors on Tubman Rd


Bridges Organic Restaurant in Upperhill, Nairobi opened on 2008 and closed in 2013


Organic farmers market started and happened every Saturday at Bridges on Tubman Rd. It provided small scale organic farmers with a place to sell their produce at no cost from Bridges


Rebranding and Renovation of Bridges Organic Health Restaurant to Bridges Organic Restaurant


Bridges Organic farmers market goes online to www.bridgesorganicshop.com


Bridges Organics restaurant on Kaunda Street opened