It is proven science that food grown in its native environment tastes better. For us to serve the best-tasting, good-for-you food we can, we source from local organic farms in the surrounding counties of Nairobi and beyond.

Bridges Organic Restaurant has 100 organic farmers around the country.

Many of our organic farmers have been with us since we started in 2006 and we can trace every ingredient back to the specific farmer. We have an agronomist who visits our farmers to perform periodic testing of soil and water to ensure the farmers are following the strict organic farming standards. They also advise our farmers when needed.

Our farmers not only provide organic products for the restaurants but also our online Organic Grocery Shop with vegetables, fruits and value added goods for your home use. We are therefore able to provide you with “Certified Organic” produce that is verified by independent regional certifying organizations.

Our organic farmers range from small scale farmers to organic certified youth and women farmer groups countrywide. When you eat at Bridges, you actively support organic farmers’ livelihood.

Are you an Organic Farmer? Join our organic farm family by emailing info@bridgeorganics.com