Cleanse Program

Doing a juice cleanse has been said to help unleash the natural healing power of your body by ridding built up toxins. Juicing floods your system with powerful nutrients and antioxidants. It may be the first step toward a long-lasting lifestyle change, or jump starting a weight-loss regimen by helping to retrain your taste buds as well as psychological connection to food. Our colorful juice cleanses are packed with so much delicious goodness, you’ll never believe something so healthy can be so satisfying. Begin to renew your mind, your energy and your soul.

Extreme Wellness Club

Join our exciting growing community of like minded health enthusiasts that want to take their health to the next level. Our membership club services include a Free no-pressure consultation and access to services and products that will improve you and your family’s health. You will enjoy our club and supportive member community. Let’s get started!

Rent A Chef

Bridges Rent a Chef Service provides 2 services: A Private Chef experience and Healthy Food Cooking classes for you/ house manager. We also train and prepare special diet meals. We have designed this convenient personal service to be Affordable, Accessible and Enjoyable. Give it a try.

Nutritionist Services

Our In-house nutritionist plays a key role in the choice of meals made at the restaurant. She also gives talks to groups and corporates on healthy living matters. Her Meal Plans and Belly Trimmer programs are some of the most popular wellness programs at Bridges. Click here to meet her and get a Free Consultation.

Catering Services

Whether you’re planning a business function, an intimate party at your home, a cocktail party or a wedding dinner, our catering services will captivate you and your guests with our delicious culinary experience. We use organic vegetables, fruits, white meat and grass fed beef for all menu’s to give you and your guests a nutritious delicious guilt free experience.