Think of a juice cleanse as a deep cleaning for your insides. Similar to how we cleanse and moisturize our bodies from the outside, the nutrients from a detox juice cleanse helps rid “dirt” from our insides.

By feeding the body readily-available nutrients in the form of juice, the digestive system is allowed to rest and heal, while the rest of the body gets to work clearing out toxins. This is how the juice cleanses work in the body and why it’s important to spring clean your body once in a while.

Juice cleanses are best because they are easily digested by the body and provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our detox juice cleanse programs are 100% natural with no added sugar.

We blend pure organic vegetables and fruits to prepare your detox juices and fruit smoothies daily for your body to get the maximum benefits of a detox.

Why Should You Detoxify?

1. The juice cleanse rests and repair the gut with nutrient-dense juices.
2.  To rest the liver. The organic juice cleanse rests the liver’s overload
3. Detoxifying reduces your appetite for comfort eating of unhealthy foods that cause lifestyle diseases.
4. The juice cleanse detox helps you lose weight. By consuming less calories, you not only control your appetite and cravings, but you also start loosing weight.
5. It boosts energy. The juice cleanse gives you more energy and clarity than any caffeine drink.

Let’s begin to renew your body, your mind and your energy. Chose Your Detox Program today!

How The Detox Program Works

We prepare fresh juices every morning. Our juices are made from 100% organic fruit and vegetables. You can then collect from any of our restaurants or we can arrange delivery to your home or office.

The Detox Process:

1. During a detox program you should not eat anything other than the detox juices, water and occasionally, herbal tea. This detox fast allows the body to concentrate on cleansing and nourishing itself and make you much healthier. The main vital organs that will be cleaned are the digestive system (including the colon) the liver and kidney.
2. We request you to do light exercises like walking, jogging, swimming to help your body in the elimination of toxins through sweat.
3. Support will be given by our In-House Nutritionist throughout the duration and we provide you with a meal plan to continue with after the program.

Do Not Attempt Detoxing

1. If you are on medication, kindly consult your doctor before starting this detox program.
2. Detox is not advisable for pregnant or lactating mothers. Also, children under 18 yrs should not do a detox program.


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