Take your Wellness into your own hands

The truly health-conscious don’t just want to eat right, they want to belong to a community where they can exercise their values

About Extreme Wellness

Extreme Wellness Club is a community of health conscious people who want to take their health to the next level. Without judgment, we will assist each other to achieve optimal nutrition and holistic wellness. This is led by our partners and members who will guide all the activities so as to ensure you are able to meet your health lifestyle goals.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Extreme wellness club is to instill, knowledge, skills and practices to improve optimum nutrition, encourage behavioral change and attitude on healthy living and the consumption of organic foods. All this by creating a fun and inclusive space where like-minded people can share their ideas and keep each-other accountable towards meeting our goals

Why Should you Join our Community?

We are passionate about healthy living and we are filling in the gap giving solution to our clients in both prevention and management of diseases. We are committed to support the community with access to safe organic foods, health knowledge and fun activities that will improve the health and secure the safety of our families wellbeing.


The Extreme wellness community is made up of our partners and our members.


Members are part of the extreme wellness community who are not just health-conscious but also have an urge to improve their social life and surround themselves with other health-conscious individuals. Members join the community to become part of something bigger that is fun, engaging and that exposes them to other avenues of indulging in healthy fun with for them and their loved ones.


Partners form the foundation of the extreme wellness community. They range from organizations that have specialized in specific aspects of wellness like physical health, mental health, travel, relaxation and fitness to influential individuals who want to induct their followers into practicing wellness in a way that they believe in.

Club Activities

Each of the partners has activities that touch on their particular area of expertise. It is up to them to come up with fun and exciting activities that will educate, entertain and keep the community engaged.

  • Health Talks
  • Meet and greets with celebrities in the wellness space
  • Gym and fitness programs
  • Cooking Videos and Recipes
  • Newsletter and Articles
  • Nutritional Assessment
  • Organic Farm Visits
  • Hikes and Exercise excursions
  • Family Fun picnics
  • Organic Festivals
  • Free Nutritional Consultation

Become A Member

Join our membership club for some fun, healthy lifestyle changing experiences. Choose your preferred package

Become A Partner

Join our membership club for some fun, healthy lifestyle changing experiences. Choose your preferred package