Hi, I am Evelyn Kaburi

I am, the resident Nutritionist of Bridges Organic Restaurant. I am a registered nutrition consultant, licensed by KNDI (Kenya Nutritionists and Dieticians Institute). I have a Diploma in Clinical and Community Nutrition from Mt. Kenya University and a Bachelor of Human Nutrition And Dietetics from the Kenya Methodist university.

I play a key role in the choice of meals made at the restaurant as I work closely with the chef to make sure they are nutritious and well balanced.

The Bridges Organic Restaurant has a mission to influence 1 million
people by 2021 to healthy living. In line with that mission, I provide individuals with Free Consultations on their personal and family health matters. I also deliver wellness programs to businesses to educate employees on how to support their overall wellbeing, productivity, sleep, stress management and mental health. I have offered interactive workshops to schools and groups on snacking, healthy meal options and menu ideas. I welcome you to contact me for a Free Health talk to your company staff, social group or school.
I have been blessed to have been featured on local TV shows like Sema na Citizen on Citizen TV, Health Diaries on NTV, and, Living with Ess amongst others. On all these platforms, I share the message of how to eat healthy to prevent and manage lifestyle diseases that are avoidable with a good diet and safe food.

My belief is that food should always be nutritious and still be enjoyable an tasty. Alongside the Bridges, it is my personal mission to educate as many people as I can on the smart ways nutrition can change your life.
Contact me for a Free Consultation and join our Juice cleanse programs to take you to the next level in your lifestyle.

About the Meal Plans

The Bridges meal plans are prepared by our certified in-house nutritionist to help you eat well at home. They all have a weekly eating plan, a shopping list and a free recipe! Find a meal plan for Women, Men, Children and Lifestyle Diseases directly emailed to you today.

Belly Trimmer

This program is for anyone who wants to loose belly fat in a safe way. For 14 days, you will drink a delicious mix of natural juice that will work on your belly to naturally reduce it. The benefits include reduced belly, lowers cholesterol, clears the skin, reduces high acidity, helps you feel good.

About the Cleanse Program

Think of the detox juice cleanse as a deep cleaning for your inner body. Cleanses with juices are the best for they are easily digested by the body and provide an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Our detox juice cleanse programs are made with 100% organic produce with no added sugar.
We blend pure organic vegetables and fruits daily and we have 1 Day, 3 Day detox, 5 day and 10 Day detox programs.

Extreme Wellness Club

Join an exciting club of new and experienced health enthusiasts who aspire to take their health to the next level. Our 300+ member group actively enjoys activities that create both individual and family healthy lifestyles for a healthier community. The club is Free to Join.
Achieve your personal health goals with us.


My Contacts

Bridges Restaurant, Kaunda Street